Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fedora 21 on a Mythlogic Chaos 1313 (aka Clevo W230ST)


Out of the box.    I downloaded the f21x64 live image, burn't it to an 8GB USB stick, rebooted into setup, and did a 'install' operation.   The pure install time was like 20 minutes.  After that, everything seemed to work. 

You can look back at my f19 and f20 installs on same hardware.   Those installs went really well too, but I did a tweak or two post install.  After about 36 hours, I haven't had to do much. 

SNX/Checkpoint VPN

To get SNX/SSL VPN working, basically I followed the exact same stuff I did for f20:

#Get a JDK & install
su - root
#cd ${HOME}/.mozilla/plugins
#ln -s ${JAVA_HOME}/jre/lib/amd64/
#download  (you should be able to get it from your vpn login webpage under "settings")
su - root
setsebool -P unconfined_mozilla_plugin_transition 0
yum install /lib/ xterm
#(re)start firefox

This time I used OpenJDK 1.8_25.   Rather than sym-linking the plugin file, I had to yum install icedtea-web to get java plugin stuffs for firefox.    After that (and a firefox restart), I had working java applets in firefox.    The rest of the instructions, are needed to get SNX to work properly.  

How I Prep For a New Fedora

I like to do a clean install with each Fedora release; it is just what I do.  I have an exceedingly simple backup strategy:
  1. tar/gz up directories I want to save & restore
  2. move the tar.gz file to a USB drive or network drive
  3. repeat on other directories
I do this for /home/<my_user_name>, /root and /opt.   I have a simple script for doing this:

tm_str=`date +"weedeater_home_%m_%d_%Y"`
echo $tm_str
cd ${targ_dir}
mkdir $tm_str
cd $tm_str
tar czvf home_dir.tar.gz --exclude=./gvfs/* /home/fwelland/  2>&1 >tar.log 

The restore is simple:
  1. copy tar.gz from attached storage into some temporary direcory
  2. un-tar-gz it
  3. move directories and files into new home dir directories
  4. clean up any leftovers where un-tarring happened. 

A Update After 4 Days

After using it for a bit, here a few things I noticed.

Random Hang on Resume

Probably 70% time, I slam the clam shut and set my laptop aside rather than power down.   Under earlier fedoras, my laptop would just resume back to the lock screen after opening the clam.   This is still the case under f21, but I'd say 2/5ths of the time the screen is a locked and takes no input.   Nothing, I can't switch to a VC or ctl-alt-bkspace or any input; well except for the power button.    

This problem was very similar to what I saw under f20 on same laptop.  I decide to hang loose for a bit on trouble shooting this as I new I'd be doing BumbleBee and that seemed to solve the issue under f20.


As before, I just copied and pasted and otherwise followed the directions from here; I was shooting for the the proprietary nvidia drivers.   It didn't work.    I did some trouble shooting and found that the nvidia driver wasn't there or anywhere  (random log message somewhere suggested 'nvidia not found'). 

More research and I found that I actually applied some RPMs out of order  (did bumble-nvidia before bbswitch and bumblbee) and that the nvidia driver builds some vital hunk of code either on install or maybe first use (or maybe after first reboot, after install).     For whatever reason, this didn't happen.   I cleaned out the rpms and reapplied them in order and rebooted and retested 'optirun glxgears'.    Still didn't work; but during the TI  (tech investigation), I did seem some nvidia stuff doing some sort of build.   

More TI.  Bumblebee seemed to be 'running' but optirun wouldn't 'go'; something about "failed to get session".   More TI and logs said something about no permission to /dev/tty0 and some googling lead to this, this and this.     I disable SELINUX (how?) and rebooted.    All is well now.    Hangs on resume have stopped too.

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