Sunday, May 18, 2014

Simple WebApp for My Cassandra Experiment

Recall, IRL the objective of my project was to provide a venue for the archival and retrieval of "customer statements", so an application to browse and fetch them is the next piece I need to build.

So after learning some about Cassandra (herehere, and here) and toying around with Cassandra from a CLI style program (here, here and here)  I decided to build this very simple WebApp.

The sample code for this post is github at

It is a single page WebApp; with ajax style calls refreshing the ui after user interactions.  And is pretty straight forward to use: 
  1. pick a date; get a list of customers with statements on that date
  2. pick a customer; get a list a statements 
  3. click to download that statement

Build Ingredients

Also in IRL, the current suite of  WebApp projects I am involved with use either ancient STRUTS, or JSF+PrimeFaces (oh and one lonely GWT WebApp).   I deploy to either JBOSS eap 6.x or Glassfish OSS    

My JSF+PF project may move to a JBOSS sometime, and I'd like to start getting to know some elements of EE7, I decide to replace my normal POC AppServers, GF 3x and 4x, and take Wildfly for a spin (albeit, no real need for EE7 stuff in this POC).    I also decided to stick with JSF+Primefaces for this prototype; oh and use gradle for builds.

There really isn't too much to add; I think the code explains most of it.   Note, I didn't try to set up any sort datasources for Cassandra connections; just shameless hard-coding of connection parameters and a new connection per request.  Nor did I care about any sort of authentication or authorizations and many other elements a WebApp should consider:  just a simple POC WebApp.

Have Fun. 

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