Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fedora 20 on a Mythlogic Chaos 1313 (aka Clevo W230ST)

This Works Too!   

Just like Fedora 19, I downloaded the Fedora 20 Live Distro, burned it to a thumb-drive and let 'er rip.   No bumps this time; it just worked (well one small issue).

Hardware Matrix

Hardwaref20x64 statusNotes
Intel Centrino Advanced-AC 7260Works
USB3Seems to workI restored my home dir via a USB2 stick using one of the USB3 enabled ports; that part works.  
hibernate/sleepworksHmm..need to test this more.   Not working so well.  Will update this post when I get it working. see below
audioworks out of boxfn-f3, fn-f5, and fn-f6 all work ok 
webcamworksCheese works and fn-f10 turns cammera on and off
pending tests
Video/Graphicsworksthe intel stuff is working fine.  fn-f8 and fn-f9 dim and brighten the lcd.
Card Reader
pending tests  
backlit key boardworks fn-f12 dims and toggles the keyboard back-lighting on and off.
16gb ramhmm..yep works
Dual/Raided 256gb mSATA (plextor px-256m5m) SSD stripedworks

SNX -- Checkpoint's SSL VPN Extender

Same drill as in f19; here is how I did it : 

#download & Install Sun JDK 1.7_45
su - root
cd ${HOME}/.mozilla/plugins
ln -s ${JAVA_HOME}/jre/lib/amd64/
#download  (you should be able to get it from your vpn login webpage under "settings")
su - root
setsebool -P unconfined_mozilla_plugin_transition 0
yum install /lib/
#(re)start firefox

For whatever reason, I haven't been about to get chrome to work; it seems to have trouble with the applet. 

Mutter Issues (related to java/swing?)

Along the way while getting snx to work, gnome-shell crashed. This did this several times.   Looks like there are some issues in gnome-shell and/or mutter.   Here is a list of bugs and links that maybe related to this issue:

su - root
yum downgrade mutter

Update (1/10/2014):  recent mutter (mutter-3.10.2-6) updates seemed to have addressed this.


So this wasn't working out the box.    I followed the trouble shooting directions on this page and found that suspend (rather than resume) wasn't working.  Further the nouveau driver was failing to suspend.  Then it hit me, "why is nouveau loaded when all I really need is the intel stuff?" and "my fan is running more than it used too, why?".  Not wanting to burn too much more time on this, I figured that installing bumblebee should fix it.   So I just followed the bumblebee/f20 directions here: I think the key ingredient about bumblebee and suspend/resume is bbswitch which is responsible for turning on and off the nvidia stuff when needed/not-needed.    After installing bumblebee and a reboot; suspend resume works again.

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