Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fedora 19 on a Mythlogic Chaos 1313 (aka Clevo W230ST)


I just download a F19 Live Distro, burned it to a thumb-drive and let 'er rip.    Basically it worked but there was a small bump or two.

Hardware Matrix

Mythlogic is a boutique hardware integrator and vendor.   They tend to  cater to gamers and they are one of the many Clevo laptop re-sellers.    The Chaos 1313/Clevo W230st is a Haswell class machine with full HD/1920x1080 resolution on a 13.3" screen.  This laptop replaces my Chaos 1212 and I have had good luck with Mythlogic and Clevo.

Hardwaref19x64 statusNotes
 i7-4702MQ works
Intel Centrino Advanced-AC 7260WorksBut...See Below.   It took an extra yum install
USB3seems to workDon't know.   I think it works OK
hibernate/sleepWorksClosing lid and opening lid to put the laptop in and out of sleep. 
audioworks out of boxfn-f3, fn-f5, and fn-f6 all work ok 
webcamworksCheese works   and fn-f10 turns cammera on and off
bluetoothworksWell it shows up in gnome and I can see BT clients but I haven't really tested anything yet. 
Video/Graphicsworksthe intel stuff is working;  Installed Bumblebee that works.    More below.   NOTE:  the fn-f8 and fn-f9 brightness up and down toggles work but with quirks; sometimes I can brightness down, but not up
Card ReaderI dunno yet Seems to workDuring weekend of 11/23/13, I tried and old 512mb SD card I had kicking around.   It seems to work OK.   
backlit key boardworks fn-f12 dims and toggles the keyboard back-lighting on and off.
16gb ramhmm..yep works
Dual/Raided 256gb mSATA (plextor px-256m5m) SSD stripedworksI think I have more to learn about this stuff, never had a raided machine before and I just installed like I would a single drive.     F19 definitely sees it as RAID 0 -- but gives me 512gb as space available; I would have expected 256gb. 

Intel Wireless 7260

F19x64 didn't roll out the stuff for the 7260 by default.   Gasp, I had to find and Ethernet cable and plug in and then I issued:

yum install iwl7260-firmware

All better.

nVidia Optimus

While not essential for me; I do software and I don't game aside from an occasional Minecraft session with my kids; I none the less wanted to get the Optimus stuff working.    It seems that the proprietary nVidia driver for linux is starting to support some or part of optimus on linux but I just chose to use Bumblebee.   Basically I followed this:  it works.    

SNX -- Checkpoints SSL VPN Extender 

As mentioned earlier, I use this for work.   It works ok on this rig too.   Here is how I did it: 

#download & Install Sun JDK 1.7_40
cd ${HOME}/.mozilla/plugins
ln -s ${JAVA_HOME}/jre/lib/amd64/
#download  (you should be able to get it from your vpn login webpage under settings)
su - root
setsebool -P unconfined_mozilla_plugin_transition 0
yum install /lib/
#(re)start firefox

Here are some links related to this:


  1. for me installation goes well from a netinstall image - then after rebooting, passing through GRUB the screen goes blank, never to return...any suggestions? I have the same hardware as you.

  2. Wow. No Idea really. It just worked for me. One thing maybe to try, on theory that maybe there is a display or graphics issue going on, do any of the text consoles work? Switch via CTL-ALT-F2 (example) and see if you can do a consoled based login.

    If so, maybe you can trouble shoot some once logged in. Maybe set runlevel to 3 and reboot some just to validate if it is a graphics display thing.

    A completely different idea -- long time ago when installing an older version of Fedora I did manage to get grub to be installed as my boot loader; however I was do a dual boot between WinXP and Fedora. I am not sure what I did wrong but the fedora grub option didn't work. I think it wasn't 'pointing' in the correct location of where I had the boot stuff (the boot partition).. I recall some what similar behavior. I know very little about grub, but you can poke around in grub and see if your boot lines are set up correctly.

    Oh and on my F19 I have a 'safe' boot as the last option on my grub boot menu. Never used that; but have you tried it yet?

  3. hey mate - it's me again, I'd just thought I'd let you know taht i got Fedora 19 up and running (and Bumblebee) works like a charm now.

    One thing I had to switch was to legacy BIOS mode....

  4. Whoohoo glad it worked for you! I just rolled out Fedora 20 on my rig -- works great.